Colombia Huila

Colombia Huila

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A combination of 32 producers in the Timana municipality have come together to present this coffee. The producers are members of the Asociación de Productores Agrícolas de Timaná (ASPRO Timaná), a coffee producer association in Huila, Colombia. The association was founded in 2002 by 45 farmers and has expanded to include 405 producers and their families.

The municipality of Timaná is located in the south of Huila, one of the most important coffee regions in Colombia. Timaná was founded by Pedro de Añazco. The town is known as ‘Villa de la Gaitana’ - Gaitana was a female native who led the Timaná Tribe against the Spanish conquistadors in 16th century.

Grown at about 1,350-1,900 Meters ASL

The Varieties included are: Caturra, Colombia, Red Bourbon, Gesha and Castillo.

This is a washed coffee, harvested in December of 2018.

Notes: Notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and cherry. Heavy body, bright acidity and a caramel like sweetness to round it out.

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