Brazil Sul de Minas

Brazil Sul de Minas

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This coffee is actually a combination of coffee from five separate farms in the Cerrado and Sul de Minas regions. Most of the coffee is processed mechanically, set to dry on large patios and rested for 30 days before being hulled.

Sul de Minas is in the southern part of Minas Gerais, one of the most important and diverse coffee regions in the country. Cerrado is a newer coffee growing region. After some tragic loss of plantations in Parana in 1975 farmers set out to find a new region to grow in and settled in Cerrado. After a bit of soil revitalization the coffee plants adapted well to the area, now nearly 55 towns and 210,000 hectares grow coffee today.

Grown around 750-1,350 Meters above sea level

Varieties include: Red Catuai, Mundo Novo, Topazio and Acaia

Naturally processed and harvested in May-July of 2017

Notes: Sweet and complex with strong cocoa notes paired with a syrupy dried fruit and strawberry body with a medium acidity.

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