Uganda Bugisu

Something about this time of year really makes me want to just drink coffee mindlessly all day with just a bit of cream and sugar. I have a funny rule I made for myself a few years ago, I only drink coffee with cream and sugar on months that end with “er”. Kind of a weird rule but whats the fun in having everything willy nilly all the time? Sometimes taking the decision making out of the equation is just what I need.

In comes our newest coffee, coming to us from Uganda near the town of Sipi Falls. A small co-op, Bugisu is one of the very few organic coffee producers in the region. The altitude ranges from 1300 meters to 2600 meters and the primary varietal of the region arabica. This is also a washed coffee, so all the cherry is removed before drying. In terms of taste, we have decided to roast this coffee a bit darker, taking it to just after second crack. With that comes notes of chocolate, a bit of nutty-ness, and lingering notes of fig. I have also found as it was cooling a bit of like oatmeal raisin cookie. This is a dark roast but do not let that deter you however, I have found myself mindlessly drinking this, bit of cream and sugar, bit of hot chocolate mixed in. This is a smooth coffee with not much bitterness or acidity to it. Really its just a good cup of coffee.

Thanks for reading, liking, sharing and drinking.


Sipi Falls, Uganda

Sipi Falls, Uganda