Coffee Plants


I believe we can all agree that just about everyone we know can easily recognize a roasted coffee bean. However, most cannot recognize a coffee plant. A coffee tree can grow at least 30 feet tall, most, though, are trimmed short to conserve energy and aid in the harvesting. Each tree is covered in green, waxy leaves that grow in pairs and the coffee cherries grow along the branches. It is not unusual to see flowers, green cherries and ripe cherries on the same branch due to it growing in a continuous cycle. Coffee plants can live to be 100 years old, but it is most productive at the ages of 7-20. Depending on the variety and proper care, you can maintain or even increase the output over the years. On average, a coffee tree will produce 10lbs of coffee cherries or 2 lbs of green coffee beans.

coffee plant.jpg
Bradley McEntireComment